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No Paper. No Pencil

Your course information is embedded into a QR Code so its easily shared with your members. The paperless scorecard will work on any mobile device! No Download or signup required. Just Scan-n-Score!


Paperless Scorecard

Easy to read fonts and large buttons keeps scoring simple and play moving.

Easily setup

A few clicks and your handicap-aware scorecard is ready!

Staff Friendly

Print QR Code and place anywhere you like.


Share your scorecard with Pro Shop or Friends. No passing around paper cards.


Quickly enter stats and player improvement data.

Save Money

Enjoy spending less on paper scorecards and pencils!

Live Leaderboards

No more waiting around to see how everyone played. Real-time leaderboards keeps everyone updated, even those playing other groups!

Offline Support

If you don't want to be interrupted on the course? No problem. Your scorecard works offline too!

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